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and Again is Wednesday Madness + Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 2:01 PM
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Any question please first take a look on my FAQ…

Crazy event days

Eng/Spa (mode)

From this day, until end of the year, I'll be doing two events per week, each one with a peculiar title,obviously the title has nothing to do with the activity that I will make. ;P

The first will take place all day Wednesday (I insist, until the year ends).And the name will be:


A partir de este día, hasta que termine el año, yo estaré realizando dos eventos por semana, cada uno con un titulo bastante peculiar, obviamente no tiene nada que ver el titulo con la actividad que voy a realizar.

El primero se llevara a cabo los todos días miércoles  (insisto, hasta que el año termine).Y el nombre sera:

"I will do with you on Wednesday"/"Miercoles de te lo voy a hacer"

What it is exactly?

Well, basically every Wednesday I'll take two requests from this journal, and I the draw during the livestream season. But, remember, will be only two, during the evening/night I gonna do them from the initial sketch, to the final process and digital effects.

The way will in which I choose them, will be the next:

*Place your idea concept in this journal, if possible add some references (links).

IMPORTANT: Please, if you don't have any idea or don't want to participate in this event, don't place any comment on this journal. Thank you ^_^

*The theme is free, can be about anything, like; fantasy, epic scenes, battles, romance, etc.

*The idea should sound attractive, interesting, worthy of being drawn.

*It can't have more than 3 characters on it.

*I'll not accepting links from outside of the site, so please try to have references within this site (DA)

*I'm trying to improve myself so, it will be cool if you choose real characters, like from: Anime, comic, manga, movies, tv series, etc ... But NO OCs (yeah, in that case I've working in some of my owns desings)

*I'll don't accept topics that have to do with the next: Hentai, yaoi, yuri, gore, or even weird crossovers ... yes, all forbidden. Also I can decline any request (I have the last word) ;P

*Don't send me notes, I not answered them if they are relating to these events

So, Let this madness beginning, put your comment suggesting a picture that you would like to see made by Me. Remember it has to be something totally brilliant, thus will be one of those chosen for this night.

Later I will submit a poll to let you know about the start of the livestream session. Stay tuned.


¿En que consiste exactamente?

Bueno, básicamente todos los miércoles yo tomare dos requests de este journal, y yo los dibujare durante la sesión de livestream. Pero, solo serán dos, durante la tarde/noche yo los realizare desde el boceto inicial, hasta el proceso de efectos digitales.

La forma en la que yo los elegiré sera la siguiente:

*Coloca tu idea concepto en este journal, de ser posible agrega algunas referencias (links).

IMPORTANTE: Por favor, si no tienes ninguna idea o no quieres participar en este evento, no coloques ningún comentario en este journal. Gracias

*El tema es libre, puede ser referente a cualquier cosa, como fantasía, escenas épicas, batallas, romance, etcétera.

*La idea debe sonar atractiva, interesante, digna de ser dibujada.

*No podrá tener mas de 3 personajes en ella.

*No aceptare links de afuera del sitio, así que por favor traten de tener referencias dentro de este sitio (DA).

*Estos eventos los estoy realizando con la finalidad de mejorar mis habilidades, por lo que seria genial si me proporcionaran persoajes reales, como de; Anime, comic, manga, movies, series de tv, etc ... Pero NO (y repito), no aceptare OCs creados por ustedes (digo, de se asi podria estar haciendo mis propios OCs).

*No acepto temas que tengan que ver con lo siguiente: Hentai, yaoi, yuri, gore, o extraños crossovers... todo eso estara prohibido. Tambien puedo declinar cualquier request (estoy en mi derecho ;P )

*No me envíes notas, yo no las contestare si son referentes a estos eventos.

Así que, que comience esta locura, coloca tu comentario sugiriendo una imagen que te gustaría ver hecha por mi. Recuerda tiene que ser algo totalmente genial, así sera una de las elegidas para esta noche.

Mas tarde colocare un poll para avisarles del comienzo de la sesión de livestream. Estén atentos.

"On the bed with PDV"/"En la cama con PDV"

This event will be every Friday night, you'll can ask me by one Commission and the same day I will do for you.

Just send me a note to my commission's account ( Icandoittoo ) and after reaching an agreement with price and deposit it into the paypal account.

That night you will see during the transmission of Livestream as I do your Commission. Where you can monitor the realization, as well as ask by any change to the image. Sounds great isn't?


Este evento sera todos los viernes en la noche, tu podrás pedirme una comisión y el mismo día yo la haré para ti.

Simplemente envíame una nota a mi cuenta de comisiones ( Icandoittoo ) y después de llegar a un acuerdo con el precio y depositar lo en la cuenta de paypal.

Esa misma noche podrás ver durante la transmisión de Livestream como hago tu comisión. Con lo que podrás supervisar la realización, así como pedir que se haga cualquier cambio en la imagen. Suena bastante bien ¿verdad?


I really don't like to do them... but meeh, this time just for the lulz:

Tagged by :iconokamitatsu:

1. Which do you prefer play pokemon black 2 or pokemon white 2?
White 2 :w00t:

2. What is you favorite gaming system?
only have gameboy ... sooo, but i love Plastation

3. What is your favorite pokemon?
I don't have one ;P

4. Are you afraid of spiders and bugs?
where!!! DX

5. What is your favorite car?
I hate cars :sakefist:

6. What zoid would you like to have?
maybe ... a Zoid ..berg

7. If you have one wish what will it be but you cannot wish for more wishes?
being invinsible, or maybe can fly *0*

8. Do you like eating sushi?
I like rise

9. Do you like or hate World of warcraft?
meeh, i want to enter on the fanart contest

10. Who would you save your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend?
friends? whats that? ... i don't have bf or gf, soo, I save my own person :iconsuperw00tplz:





Do you want one commission like this?:

Commission .:Its an Interesting book:. by Icandoittoo
Commission .:Tech Birds:. by Icandoittoo
Commission .:Grass set:. by IcandoittooCommission .:Fire set:. by Icandoittoo
Commission .:Water set:. by IcandoittooCommission .:Grass set:. 01 by Icandoittoo
Commission .:Fire set:. 01 by IcandoittooCommission .:Water set:. 01 by Icandoittoo
Commission .:Alternative Evos:. by Icandoittoo

Commission's prices here-->…



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