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Why don't u work for pokemon like seriously your ideas are far superior than the crap they got on the sixth generation some of those don't even look like pokemon they just look like scribbles I"m serious. U sir or ma'am should be working for pokemon, heck with ur ideas u should own pokemon. Point is I love ur work I'm a fan and good day
i really admire your pure art on these pokemon, i hope they become the next gen. i was wondering if you could help me create my own pokemon that i have in mind..but i dont know how to so i was wondering if you could teach me step by step on how to do it
In Wattpad i'm writing a fanfiction that takes place in this region. When it's done i'll definatley give links to the original(you). I'm not doing this for money or anything, I'm doing this because I love writing and I see great potential in your creations. Together I want to make art for people to appreciate. IF this story becomes a hit, more and more people will hear of you and what you do.

Please tell me if you're okay with this or not
How come GameFreak didn't hire you already!?
Seriously, these are so much like what we'd see in Pokemon, or EVEN BETTER (I am not kidding!)
And you even put the size comparison with humans, etc.
Dude, these designs rock! (And Thundape needs to happen! XD Get hired at Gamefreak alreadeh!)
These fakemon are divine. there so awesome! :D
PEQUEDARK-VELVET Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you should work with ppl to design a fan made pokemon game would be better than more recent gamefreak ones
You are welcome.
pumpquins Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
seriously, I'm surprised you're not an official designer, I think yours look better than the original ones <3
also, would it be ok if I made a character of one of your fakemon species? giving them a name, personality and stuff like that c: (of course giving you full credit and linking back to the original) <U<
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